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I really don’t like it when I realize negative things about myself :\ today, I came to the conclusion that I am boring. I have absolutely nothing exciting going on in my life. I have no job, no boyfriend, and no social life.

the last really exciting/unique thing I did was two years ago so now is irrelevant to making me exciting right now. 

this winter really needs to end, getting more and more depressed.

Reblog if you spend more time lost in your imagination than you do living in reality.



This. On repeat. Forever.

OMG….my skin is crawling…ouuuuuuu

oohh shiitt XD



You sitting like that and making that face, you’re just asking for it hiddleston

OMG…he’s gotta be doing it on purpose!

uh…wow XD



You sitting like that and making that face, you’re just asking for it hiddleston

OMG…he’s gotta be doing it on purpose!

uh…wow XD






They’re so friggin cute! But omg the baby!

Kiwi’s are most definitely one of the cutest animals ever <3 I love kiwi fruit too

I don’t fucking understand people. I really don’t. that was the whole point to majoring in psych was because i wanted to understand people and why they do things. but here i am fucking pissed off about one of the same things that has pissed me off for so long i cant even say.

You would think that getting arrested at your boyfriend’s house for attacking him would be enough TO LEAVE HIM THE FUCK ALONE FOREVER! but noooooooo its been 7 months since and now they are FUCKING FRIENDS ON FACEBOOK ONCE MORE!!! i mean seriously, the damn police officer even suggested he get a restraining order against her and now this again.

for someone who like to fucking cut ties and rarely gives second chances to anyone, this is the one fucking people he should cut completely!!!! and he’s given her SO MANY CHANCES!!!!

im livid. i want to yell at him and i want to tell her to fuck off. she’s done so much damage. she’s poison, cancer, trash, a whore, a cunt and a stupid ugly bitch who cant hold a job or a boyfriend, she can barely even hang onto her kids let alone take care of them.

they make me so mad that this rant doesn’t even make me feel better.

I was deeply touched by this song today, must just be one of those days cuz I cried a little…

If you don’t know about Carrie Fletcher, check her out on youtube: ItsWayPastMyBedTime


Not quite sure how to share this, but sadly on Christmas Eve our gorgeous cat Marvin passed away. It was totally unexpected. He’d been eating and giving cuddles as usual that morning - and showed no signs of being poorly. He was found in his favourite spot looking peaceful.

He really was the most awesome cat I’ve ever met and has given me so much love and affection over the years. I know that everyone says this about their pets (and that non pet owners won’t understand), but he really was one of a kind.

Thank you for all the love you’ve giving him over the years - especially when he was ill last year. We’re thankful to have had an extra year with him.

Miss him already…

Gi. Xx

This saddens me, as a fan I loved Marvin, and I’ve always wanted a gorgeous ginger kitty just like him. I’m glad to know he went peaceful. RIP Marvin Fletcher

And so it continues.

Woke up to dad screaming at mom this morning. I went down stairs to them but all I could do was stand there. But I was ready to jump in if it got physical, thankfully it didn’t. I would have been uber surprised if it did. 

Mom says the only thing for her to do now is to prepare the house to sell as fast as she can and if a divorce comes then so be it. She says that’s not what she wants but if he hates her as much as he claims to right now then so be it.

The thought that it might actually go there this time is beyond words for me. I hate that there isn’t anything I can do, feeling helpless is something I hate and goes against my nature. But there is nothing I can do. I have no power in this situation.

This is what happens when you have Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde for a father.